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Quiz H - Criminal Law Questions


1. For which of the following may a court sentence a convicted defendant to death?

a. a capital offense

b. a first degree felony

c. a second degree felony

d. all of the above


2. It is March 6, 1997, and Sammy Shoplifter is convicted of misdemeanor theft. The judge throws the book at him, and gives Sammy the longest jail sentence he is allowed to give. What is the first holiday that Sammy will get to spend at home with his family?


a. St. Patrick's Day, 1997

b. Thanksgiving, 1997

c. Christmas, 1997

d. St. Patrick's Day, 1998


3. Bonnie Bomber, a resident of Nebraska, is suspected of bombing a post office in Iowa. She is acquitted in a federal trial. In light of the Fifth Amendment's prohibition on double jeopardy, where may she be tried again?


a. in an Iowa civil court

b. in an Iowa criminal court

c. in federal court, if the lawsuit is a civil one

d. all of the above


4. For which of the following can a person be criminally liable?


a. an act

b. an omission

c. both A and B

d. none of the above


5. Albert is arrested for robbery, and the police officer does not advise him of his right to remain silent. He confesses to the crime, and is convicted based on this confession. Which of the following amendments may be used to win Albert a new trial?


a. 4th

b. 5th

c. 6th

d. 8th


6. Bill Gates is arrested for punching Michael Dell at a computer conference. Apparently, Gates was offended at a dirty joke Dell told him (the punchline was "00110110101011101101"). The Judge wants to make sure that Gates stays in jail until his trial, and sets his bail at 500 billion dollars. What amendment can Johnny Cochran use to get this bail reduced?


a. 4th

b. 5th

c. 6th

d. 8th


7. A first state in sending a criminal to jail is obtaining an indictment. Who issues indictments?


a. judges

b. grand juries

c. trial juries

d. the police


8. In a criminal trial, the prosecution puts on weak evidence. The defendant puts on no evidence whatsoever. What will happen to the defendant?


a. He will go to jail, because weak evidence is clearly better than no evidence.

b. He will go to jail, because he has not met the requirement that he defend himself.

c. He will go to jail, because he has not met his burden of proof.

d. He will go free.


9. Assume federal sentencing guidelines recommend that judges give 20-50 year sentences for selling crack. Donnie Dealer is a defendant in Judge Jenkin's court. The judge, after hearing about Donnie's troubled childhood, wants to give Donnie a light sentence. What is the shortest sentence Harkins can give?


a. 20 years

b. 10 years

c. 5 years

d. 0 years-probation only


10. Gary sticks a gun in Annie's face and says, "Give me your wallet or you die." She gives him the wallet. What crime has Gary committed?


a. robbery

b. burglary

c. larceny

d. embezzlement


11. Jon needs a new computer. He breaks into Best Buy one night and takes one. What crime has he committed?


a. robbery

b. burglary

c. larceny

d. embezzlement


12. Gary approaches Irene on the street and says, "I'm the wallet inspector. I'm here to inspect your wallet." Irene is not particularly bright, and hands over her wallet saying, "I hope everything is in order, Inspector." Gary runs away with the wallet. What crime has he committed?


a. robbery

b. burglary

c. larceny

d. embezzlement


13. Steve stores a pair of speakers for "Brad" at his apartment. "Brad" had stolen them from Stan. Which of the following facts would Steve have to know for Steve to be convicted of a felony?


a. the speakers were stolen

b. Stan owns the speakers

c. Brad's true identity is "Bob Smith"

d. all of the above


14. Which of the following are guilty of arson?


a. a man who burns his neighbor's house

b. a man who burns his own house

c. both

d. none of the above


15. Tommy is the night manager at a convenience store. One night, he takes $100 from the cash register. What crime has he committed?


a. larceny

b. robbery

c. burglary

d. embezzlement


16. Which of the following are prohibited by U.S. law?


a. bribing a U.S. public official

b. bribing a foreign public official

c. bribing your wife to let you play "quake" for several hours on Saturday

d. both a and b


17. Which of the following persons is most likely to use intoxication as a defense to a crime successfully?


a. Al, who drank three beers at a bar

b. Bertha, who drank 14 beers at a bar

c. Carl, who dropped acid at a party

d. Dave, who had a hit of acid sneaked into his water


18. Whom does the law offer protections from most criminal prosecution?


a. children

b. the insane

c. the senile

d. all of the above


19. Al wants to fight Bill and tells him so. Bill says, "OK, let's fight." Al punches Bill once, and then throws a rock at him. The rock misses Bill, and hits Carl. Who will likely be able to sue Al?


a. Bill

b. Carl

c. both A and B

d. none of the above


20. In each of the following, assume Al is talking to Bill and that, in each case, Bill does what Al orders him to do. In which of the cases will Bill be able to claim duress?


a. "Punch Carl, or I'll kill you."

b. "Kill Carl, or I'll punch you."

c. both A and B

d. none of the abvoe


21. For which of the following can a person most likely use deadly force?


a. defense of self

b. defense of property

c. defense of a dwelling

d. to stop the commission of a crime


22. Tom, who is drunk, hits a man in the back of the head at a bar. It is not Tom's lucky day--the man turns out to be Mike Tyson. Can Tom use deadly force to protect himself?


a. yes, if he reasonably believes Tyson will kill him

b. yes, because Tyson, as a professional boxer, is a per se threat

c. no, because he provoked any forthcoming attack

d. no, because deadly force is not justified unless you are in a dwelling


23. Assume John is arrested for soliciting prostitution. Which of the following is most likely to be a case of entrapment?


a. The police hid in the bushes in a known solicitation area.

b. An officer posed as a prostitute.

c. An undercover officer said to John, "That lady over there is a prostitute. You should go talk to her."

d. A prostitute wears a police wire/listening device.


24. Assume the statute of limitations for arson is 10 years. In 1987, Doug burned a building in Texas. He quickly left the state, and did not return until 1992. He was finally arrested in 1996. When does the statute of limitations expire for this arson prosecution?


a. 1997

b. 2002

c. 1006

d. None of the above


25. A person ___________ refuse to testify against themselves in a ___________ trial if they have been given immunity.


a. may; criminal

b. may; civil

c. cannot; criminal

d. none of the above

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