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Welcome to Law 10 - Introduction to Law at Mission College -

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stay in touch with our online tutors for the class - http://paralegaltutors.pbwiki.com

Duedates (your assignments and quizzes) - http://duedates.pbwiki.com

login to you moodle online class at http://moodle.lamission.edu

bookmark our main home page at http://lamission.edu/law

textbook for the class - 10th Edition of West Business Law - more information on West Business Law - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/wbl

Textbook chapters (older edition) - while you are waiting to get your textbook - quizzes are based on 9th edition, so purchase your book early in the class.





  • A - Chp. 1 Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning -
  • B - Chp. 2 Courts and Alternate Dispute Resolution -
  • C - Chp. 3 Court Procedures -
  • D - Chp. 4 Constitional Authority to Regulate Business -
  • E - Chp. 5 Torts and Cyber Torts -
  • F - Chp. 6 Strict Liability and Product Liability -
  • G - Chp. 7 Intellectual Property and Internet Law -
  • H - Chp. 8 Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes -
  • I - Chp. 43 Administrative Law -
  • J - Chp. 53 International Law -



Articles to Read

How to Study Law

Good Legal Writing

Read Like a Lawyer

The Uses of Argument

Analytic Thinking

Character counts


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