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Class 2 9-13-06

1. bring in a 1 page summary of your case brief - for assignment #

we will break into groups in class and cover it - your one page summary should include the facts, the legal issue, or question in the case, the court or legal rule, how it was applied to the case and the conclusion (who won, who lost) - also a diagram (if this helps you) to understand which party did what to which party. sometimes the cases are very confusing, and using a diagram helps. any questions. email Prof J. at abogado@pacbell.net or your paralegal tutor - see http://paralegaltutors.pbwki.com or just us tonight in meet and confer - http://profj.us/meet-confer or use livechat at http://profj.us/livechat


2. read the outline for chp. 1 - intro to law



3. the quiz for this chapter 1 is due in class on 9/27


4. here is the quiz answer template you need to bring in to class on 9/27 with the answers to quiz A - Intro to Law

see quiz A - http://introlaw.pbwiki.com/quizA


here is the quiz answer template you need to print out and fill in with your answers for 9/27 - http://www.profj.us/template/


5. there is much confusion amongst first year law students between what is a case and code and what is covered under state or federal law - please read these links - http://introlaw.pbwiki.com/case-vs-codes


if you are a strictly online student taking this class, disregard any instructions about what to bring in or do for the on campus hybrid classes. you can of course read the links, and probably should do so to help you out.

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